About Us​

VENACO Engineers Private Limited endeavors to provide Air Quality Management Solutions which are customized to suit the customers’ application and conditions. VENACO works with the philosophy “BUILT TO LAST” ingrained in all our endeavors, processes,products and services, we follow a customer-centered approach and focus all our efforts in creating and innovating genuine technologies to serve our customers
  • A world class assembly line with lean system
  • Well trained, motivated and disciplined manpower
  • In built R&D facilities
  • Strong logistics
  • Exclusive service team
  • Wide sales and service network
  • ERP enabled production system

What We Do?

Venaco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a closely held company. It has its head office in New Delhi. manufacturing a Wide range of AIR DRYERS , GAS DRYERS , moisture removal and control equipments including refrigerated dryers, air dryers, gas dryers, chillers heatless air dryer, refrigerant and desiccant dryers, Refrigerated Dryers, Air / Gas Dryers, CNG Gas Dryers a range of Water Chillers and Chilling Machines Liquid carbon dioxide storage Tanks . Greater Noida Industrial Area is the premier Industrial Location in Haryana infrastructural well served and with good communication facilities attached.


Why air quality management?​

The contaminant of compressed air delivered by air compressors include moisture, dust and oil particles which affects the air quality. Most of the compressed air applications require clean air and the quality of air requirement varies with the application. The untreated compressed air is most expensive because it may cause for the machinery down time, product rejection and added maintenance cost. As defined in ISO:8573.1 high quality of compressed air can achieved, only by filtration, water separation and drying.

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Air/Gas Dryers ( Desiccant Dryer, Refrigerated Dryer, Dry Air plant, Dry Air Generator, Air Pressurisation Unit(APU)) 
Water/Oil/Brine Chillers(Air Cooled, Water Cooled, PHE type, Shell & Tube Type, Immersion Type, Coil in Tank Type) 
Air Receivers(Vertical Type, Horizontal Type) 
Hot Air Blowers, Air Heaters 
HVAC machines, Refrigerant recovery machines

All type of Desiccant (Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Ceramic Ball, Activated Carbon, CMS)

All type of Valves (Auto drain valve, Solenoid valves, Butterfly valves, Diaphragm control valves, Four Way Valves, Pneumatic valves, Ball valves, Dome Valve, Suction/Discharge valve, NRV)
Heater Elements, Sequence Timer, PLC, Transmitter, Regulators, Pressure Switch, LP/HP pressure Switch, Dew Point Meter, Temperature indicator, Pressure Indicator, etc
All types of filters (Pre Filter, After Filter, Micro Filter, Fine Filter, Filter Candle, Filter Elements, accessories )
All kind of Pumps, Heat exchangers, PHE, Moisture Separators (Air and Refrigeration)
All HVAC items, Refrigeration accessories, etc

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)

Overhauling, Inspection, normal maintenance, repairing, etc