Refrigeration Air Dryer

Venaco Engineers Manufacture Refrigerated Air Dryers which can remove moisture level in Compressed Air up to 580 ppm(w) (3ºC Pressure Dew Point). Venaco Refrigerated Air Dryer have the state of art technology which works on minimum power and pressure drop. The dryers manufactured are highly reliable and works trouble free.

A refrigerated air dryer is the most commonly used. type of compressed air dryer / Gas Dryer for most plant applications for the drying of plant air and other utility gases like Seal gas , hydrogen gas for generator cooling , nitrogen Gas drying etc. where a dew point of (+2) Deg. C. at line pressure i.e. (-22 )Deg. C. at atmospheric pressure) is an acceptable norm. This Type of dryer finds application in Fly ash conveying / Cement conveying / Powder conveying / Pneumatic conveying of materials / Dense phase conveying / Lean phase conying , Seal gas Drying . General plant air , hydrogen gas dryer used in generator cooling application & Pneumatic tools operation.

As much as 2300 gallons of moisture can be removed from a100 cfm pneumatic system operating at 100 psi in 12 months of 3 shift operation, moisture which without a refrigerant air dryer, would have passed through the delicate pneumatic equipment’s & instruments.


  • The wet air enters into the economiser (pre-cooler) of the Refrigerated Air Dryer and the temperature gets reduced significantly by the outgoing cold air.
  • This medium temperature air further enters in to the evaporator of the Refrigerated Air Dryer and the temperature drops to 2ºC by the cold refrigerant.
  • At this temperature the moisture in vapour form condenses into liquid and the same is separated by highly efficient integral moisture separator and sent out through an automatic drain trap.
  • The Dry cold air from evaporator enters the pre-cooler and exchanges the heat from the incoming hot wet air.
  • The Dry Air similar to inlet air temperature leaves the pre-cooler and it is the output from the Refrigerated Air Dryer used for the applications.


  • Eco friendly refrigerant in all range of refrigeration air dryers
  • Digital scroll / VFD technologies in selected models of refrigeration air dryers.
  • Latest technology energy efficient heat exchangers in all models of refrigeration air dryers.
  • Very low pressure drop is a significant advantage in Summits refrigeration air dryers
  • Refrigeration Air Dryers occupy less floor space.
  • Remote interfacing and monitoring in selected models of refrigeration air dryers.
  • Refrigeration Air Dryers provide outlet air quality according to ISO 8573-1.


  • Refrigeration Air Dryer Capacity: 20 to 50000 m3/hr.
  • Inlet air pressure of refrigeration air dryer: 1.5 to 300 bar g.
  • Inlet air temperature of Refrigeration Air Dryer: 10 to 60ºC.
  • Pressure Dewpoint temperature of refrigeration air dryer: +3ºC.


  • Plant Air
  • Power Plant Instrumentation & Ash conveying
  • Steel Plant
  • Cement Industries
  • Food & processing
  • Textiles
  • Pet bottling
  • Glass blowing
  • Leather Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Paper mill

Type of Refrigeration Air Dryer