Hot Air Blowers

Venaco Engineers are specialized manufacturers of Industrial Hot Air Blowers equipments for Bus Ducts dehydration & moisture removal technology during long shut down periods. We have supplied large number of Hot Air Blowing Equipments to various projects e.g. Neyveli Lignite Corporation, NALCO Angul, GMDC Ahmedabad, NTPC Rihand, Panipat Thermal Project, DVC Mejia, Pendent Cement Bhutan etc. Inspection was carried by leading consultants like MECON, M.N Dastur, DCL, Desein, Tata Projects etc.

Venaco make Hot Air blowing Heaters are equipped with Digital Temperature Indicating Controller (TIC), Blind Temperature Controller (BTC). TIC and BTC are having individual set points, by which the temperature of the Air Heater can be controlled. Set temperature of TIC is at outlet temperature can b maintained as required, So that this will maintain the temperature of heater at this temperature by energizing & de energizing the Heater according to the temperature. BTC which is provided as extra safety device is set at 10 degree C above desired outlet temperature.This will cut off the heater if the temperature increases more than its set temperature and alert the operator by an audio alarm so that the temperature will not increase beyond control.