Heat Of Compression / HOC Type Air Dryer

Energy Conservation by Heat of Compression type compressed air dryer is a breakthrough in compressed air drying technology. The hot air from the oil-free air Compressor at 120°C or higher temp, is used directly for regeneration of the desiccant bed in the compressed air dryer. After regeneration, this air is cooled down to 40°C in the water cooled after cooler and then it is dried in second tower. Thus the use of heaters is eliminated. For eg. in the 6 + 6 Hrs. Cycle the hot air is fed for regeneration of desiccant bed for 4 Hrs. and for balance 2 Hr. a changeover takes place where the air is first cooled in an after cooler, then dried and before going to the outlet, cools the regenerated desiccant bed, thus bringing it down to ambient temperature. This cycle is reversed for the next 6 Hrs. where the Adsorber drying the air in the previous cycle goes for regeneration and vice versa.

There is considerable power saving in these type of Compressed Air Dryers and the dew point is also better than the Refrigerated type of Compressed Air Dryers .

Main Advantage of Heat of Compression Type Compressed air dryer is the energy conservation and heat recovery achieved which is being wasted in After cooler in the conventional air dryers is now used to reactivate the desiccant.